Feeder Light for night hunting modelTHE GAME CHANGER




MSRP: $245.00

The Game Changer   Feeder Light system is a powerful system designed By hunters for hunters. The Game Changer system is not a toy it is a self-contained setup that features a 20 watt solar panel, 12volt battery & an all metal IP65 rated light enclosure. The powerful LED panel with 108 LEDs can be swapped in less than 5 min and comes with both a Red & Green led panel.


The Game Changer feeder light is designed to be used by pointing at the feeder anywhere from 10-100 yards and can lite up a very large area much better than that small lights on the market that attach to the bottom of the feeders.




  • 20 watt solar panel for charging battery
  • 12 volt battery
  • Metal brackets for mounting to tube post
  • 108 leds green led panel (only one panel can be used at a time)
  • 108 Led's Red led panel (only one panel can be used at a time)
  • Photocell comes on at dark and off at dawn
  • Weather proof IP65 metal housing
  • solar panel
  • T-Post mounting hardware


The key features


2120 W Slaughter LN

Unit 107-168

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