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I have killed 6 raccoons, three hogs and various other varmints and pests. I LOVE the light!







For a few weeks back i was in Indonesia, for hunting wild boar, we do it in the night with spotlights, so i decided to bring the VRL-1 light with me ! Here the result of one night spotlighting.
























I got one of the green VRL-1’s when they first came out. I mounted it on my AR-15 to try on hogs. It works great out to 200 yards. I rarely, if ever, take shots at hogs at night past 150 yards. I have since used it on coyotes with equal success. I personally prefer the tail cap switch. I also put a picatinny scope mount on my 7mm-08 bolt action. It is easy to transfer the light from one rifle to another. Since I got my light, Varmint Lights has started shipping each light set with both a green and a red light module, so you are really getting two lights. It is nice to see some quality products still being offered and backed by the company. Thanks!




Bob Connell


TheTexasPredator Posse























Hey Brad,




Tanya and I have been using the light with both green and red LEDs and have had many successful predator hunting trips at night with the light both on a top of ring mount and side mount on a picatinny hand-guard.  Here is a pic of the first bobcat taken with the light mounted atop of our RRA utilizing the pressure switch.





























































Thank You








After receiving my VRL-1 last week I was anxious to get it into the field for some testing.  My buddy and I ran down to my deer lease after work on Friday to put out some apple flavored horse treats and check the game camera for pig activity.  The card showed several pigs showing up after nine o'clock every night.  We planned our hunt for Saturday night 9/21/14.  We were able to borrow one of the "as seen on TV" hunting lights from a friend of ours.  Boy were we excited to do some side by side light testing!  We got into the tower blind about 815 and got ready for the hunt.  As darkness closed in we began to scan using the green LED modules in both lights.  I can assure you in our opinion the VRL-1 was just as bright as the $200+ model we had with us.  After about a hour and a half of scanning every twenty minutes or so we finally had a boar under the feeder.  It was my friends first night time pig hunt so I told him he could have first shot.  Well in true first timer fashion PIG FEVER had a grip on him and he missed the boar at about 100 yards.  I stayed on the running pig with my VRL-1 and he stopped briefly to look back at the feeder and down he went!  I have been hunting my whole life on a tight working mans budget.  And the VRL-1 is a great product at a great price and is just as bright as the high dollar lights.  Thanks again to Brad for his honesty and great products like the VRL-1 and X-shim kit (which I have on my AR15).  I have been spreading the word about VarmintLights.com.  And will continue to  for a long time to come.  I cant wait for him to release the Warthog!


Thanks again,



Lubbock TX



AR-15 rifle with VRL-1 hunting light and bobcat
VRL-1 hunting light used to get gator at night
VRL-1 hunting light mounted on rifle for hawg hunting
VRL-1 on rifle with coyote's hunted at night
VRL-1 hunting picture with pigs

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Love It!


This light is amazing. I have only had it out for 1 hunt, but was very impressed. It was 2 hours after sunset, pitch black darkness; 2 black hogs came to the feeder and set off a motion detector. I put the green LED on them, and their eyes were so bright in the scope that they were almost blinding. The light didn't phase them at all, and their bodies showed up perfectly, as did the crosshairs in the scope. Was able to squeeze off a head shot at about 85 yds for an immediate kill. Although I cannot attest to the 250 yd shooting range (yet), I'm completely confident in the 100 yd capability, and would recommend this light. Most definitely worth the price of admission! I have since ordered a second rifle Picatinny mount, directly from the manufacturer, for my .22 scope so I can easily swap it between rifles to nail those thieving coons that keep raiding that feeder, too.
































VRL-1 hunting light used to kill wild pig


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