VRL-X™ is the top extreme Archery hunting light on the market today.


Whether you use a it on a Bow, bolt-action hunting rifle, tactical rifle, modern sport rifle or shotgun the VRL-X hunting light will provide you with the visibility you need.

VRL-X light for varmint hunting

Below are the reasons why the VRL-1 is the best bang for your buck.



  • Every VRL-X is fully dissembled and inspected for defects, every o-ring is replaced with high quality USA made o-rings and lubed.


  •  The VRL-X features a 2-mode brightness level capability.  No reason for a hunting light to have a STROBE and SOS mode and is usually included by companies that don't hunt.


  • The VRL-X comes in your choice of Red, Green or White LED's.  The LED's can be changed in the field in less than 25 seconds for those wishing to use or experiment with led color's.









VRL-X LED module




  • The VRL-X LED assembly is produced by an ISO9001 certified LED manufacturer for consistent color, reliability, and manufacturing quality.



  • The VRL-1 light can be used with different types of mounting options.

Battery Life - Full Power              Identify target                Reflect Eyes


White LED               4 hrs          up to 150yds+                up to 200yds+


Green LED             3.5 hrs         up to  125yds+               up to 200yds+


RED   LED                2 hrs         up to  100yds+               up to 150yds+

VRL-1 bow light mounted on mathews switchback bow for archery
VRL-X hunting light mounted to ruger rifle

VRL-X   Bow kit




VRL-X bow hunting kit for varmint hunting

VRL-X  G-2 Rifle Kit


VRL-X G-2 rifle kit for varmint hunting

VRL-X  G-1 Rifle Kit


VRL-X G-1 rifle kit for varmint hunting

VRL-X  G-3 Rifle Kit


VRL-X G-3 rifle kit for varmint hunting

VRL-X  G-4 Rifle Kit


VRL-X G-4 rifle kit for varmint hunting

VRL-X Hunting light information

VRL-X LED module for hunting light


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