Utilizing CREE LED technology and 10-year-rated rechargeable batteries, our VRL-1 hunting lights are lightweight and portable while packing amazing power and long range. Our retail package carried by our dealers comes with green and red 250 lumen LED light modules which reach out to 250 yards+ with the Green LED and  200 + yards with the Red LED module.


     We  have tested this hunting light in the most extreme conditions, including even freezing in a block of ice and it keeps going strong!



     VarmintLight.Com was founded by hunters to serve the equipment needs of hunters. VarmintLights.com is the leader in high performance hunting lights and is the first choice for agricultural industry, feral hog, and predator varmint hunters throughout Texas.


     We manufacture the best lighting units than can be configured for the following shooting or lighting applications:  hand-held industrial inspection and search lights, hog hunting lights, bow lights, bow fishing, rifle mounted lights for rail or scope mount, predator hunting lights, varmint lights, tactical lights, stabilizer-mounted lights, game feeder lights, and game recovery blood scanning/tracking lights.


     Don't be fooled by other manufacturers' claims about product quality or functionality.   The VRL-1 and VRL-X endure the most complete quality inspection procedures in the hunting flashlight industry.  VarmintLights.Com disassembles each unit to its component parts, does visual and functionality checks on each component, then reassembles each unit and does a final function check.  To assure proper water resistance, we only use American made O-Rings.  If you want the best hunting light, choose the VRL-1 or VRL-X hunting light.


     VarmintLights.Com is also responsive to customer questions and suggestions about new products.  We believe the customer is the best source of new product ideas.  Many of our competitors offer poor or no customer service for repairs or new product ideas.  Several of our competitors do not even stock spare parts for repairs or even have a service department.  They simply transfer the unit from the foreign shipping box to their retail box with no inspection or function check.  Also, don't be fooled by hunting lights that are shipped in pretty plastic carrying cases.  VarmintLights.Com is more concerned with the quality of the lighting unit, not the fancy box.


     Whether you're looking for tactical scope mounted lights, bow lights, hog lights, varmint lights, rifle lights, predator lights, pig lights, bow fishing lights, blood trailing and tracking lights, game recovery aids, or just about anything else that has to do with hunting, VarmintLights.com will take care of your hunting equipment needs.  If you don't see a lighting product you need on the site, please make the suggestion to sales@varmintlights.com.


     When you purchase a VarmintLights.com product you are buying the best.  Our system is guaranteed to perform and provide you with quality night hunting illumination that is durable and designed to be effective for years to come.


     Shop with us online, 24 hours a day, all year long.  VarmintLights.Com also has an ever-expanding dealer network.   If you can't make it to Austin, TX, you can still obtain the best lighting products in the business.  No matter when or where you shop, you can be assured that our top-rated customer service will be there to assist you if the need arises.

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